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The University of Kansas students on a summer trip to Israel.

Study Abroad & Global Engagement

The Jewish Studies Program, in partnership with KU Study Abroad offers young scholars learning experiences in immersive and transformative locations world wide. Jewish Studies students have opportunities to live and study in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, South and Central America, and in the EU. In addition to gaining course credits, students can also gain credit for Service Learning. Depending on the program, Jewish Studies may offer funding for majors and minors. If you are interested in exploring study abroad contact the Study Abroad Office or the Jewish Studies office at

KU Jewish Studies & Graz International Summer School SEGGAU | GUSEGG 2023 | Leibnitz, Austria | DEADLINE TO APPLY: January 31, 2023! Scholarships are available for those who qualify!

Graz, Austria: July 2 - July 15, 2023.

To learn more please visit the website linked here: Graz International Summer School Seggau

Conflict, Challenge, and Change: State – Society – Religion

GUSEGG 2023 will offer a discussion on how conflict, challenge, and change determine our lives as individuals and as a society. Our times are marked by various conflicts and antagonisms arising from challenging circumstances: climate change, war, inequality, poverty, hunger, pandemics. The problems faced today are conceived of in different ways: as unexpected tragedies, as predictable outcomes of past behavior,
as the result of systematic and structural processes, or as the consequence of individual actions or even chance. It is a constant challenge to attempt to resolve tensions and antagonisms without multiplying and escalating them. If conflict is a challenge and a question, change is the answer.

However, dialogue between the past and the present must continue as the basis of a democratic ideal, as silence as an alternative would not signal the end of all conflicts, but the end of a democratic way of dealing with them. Therefore, creative transformation processes are necessary to meet the various challenges faced. Thus, GUSEGG 2023 will present research on how conflict, challenge, and change are addressed socially, politically, culturally, and economically, and what this means for states, societies, and religions.

In order to develop strategies and methods to meet the challenges of our times, this summer school suggests engaging in academic contemplation and interdisciplinary exchange. Such investigations offer us the opportunity of developing disruptive intellectual approaches and ideas, as we can gain insights into the many forces that make us believe that the challenges we face are essential, natural, or inevitable. Therefore, the suggested analysis offers us not only an understanding of our own positions on an individual, a regional, national, and global level, but also the possibility of moving from a passive position to active involvement in addressing conflict, challenge, and change, and offer insights into the dynamics and structures that govern us and shape as individuals and groups. Focusing on the emphasis areas of the University of Graz – South Eastern Europe and North, Central and South America – this program will offer a basis for discussing global and continental challenges as well as opportunities that such academic engagement provides.

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KU Jewish Studies & University of California, Berkeley | Global Internships | Haifa, Israel | DEADLINE TO APPLY: January 16, 2023!

Haifa, Israel: June 19 - August 11, 2023. Online Course: June 5 – August 12, 2023. Dates are subject to change.

To learn more please visit the website linked here: Berkeley Global Internships | Global Internships: Haifa, Israel.

Students will broaden their view of Israel and the Middle East with a Global Internship in Israel focused on social change. This 8-week summer program consists of one of two online courses taught by UC Berkeley professors and one in person course taught by KU Jewish Studies professor, Dr. Rami Zeedan. Students who participate will receive 3 KU Core credit hours in Jewish Culture or History and 3 elective credit hours. In addition, should they enroll in JWSH 650 (Service Learning), they will qualify for JWSH 650 Service Learning credits through the internship component of the program. 

The Global Internships team works one-on-one with students to find an internship that matches their career goals, interests, and experience level. Internships in Israel are available in a wide variety of fields and internship placement is guaranteed. Internships will be three to four days a week, with two days of the week consisting of program-related coursework and field trips.  

In addition to the internship, students will take Dr. Zeedan’s course: Israeli Politics & Society - Israel's Minorities and your choice of one of two online courses: Leadership - Purpose, Authority, and Empowerment taught by UC Berkeley professor, Dr. Dan Mulhern or Global Citizenship taught by Dr. Jeroen Dewulf.

Scholarships of $5,000 are available for this location to all admitted students (including visitors) to assist with flight costs and living expenses, courtesy of the Helen Diller Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies. No additional application is required!

Questions? Contact Dr. Rami Zeedan zeedan@ku.eduor KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement at